Massage for Athletes

Looking to improve your performance, avoid injury, or recover from one? I provide
sport-specific massage for athletes of all kinds — from marathon runners to Ultimate Frisbee
fanatics. Whether you compete or play for fun, massage is a great way to play at your
best and avoid overuse symptoms.

Repetitive motion of any type can lead to restrictions and limited range of motion, which can inhibit performance and be a setup for potential injury. Massage is ideal for loosening adhesions and correcting muscular imbalances; resulting in greater strength and improved flexibility.
If you want to enhance your training, flush out toxins after an event, or play pain-free, consider integrating massage into your training program.

Indoor and outdoor cyclists, runners, equestrians, dancers, skiers, tennis buffs and golf aficionados will all benefit. If you are athletic in any way, massage is for you!

“Lynne worked with my injury in a smart way, and was able to get me back into my
running shoes within weeks. She has an incredible knowledge of “how the body works”
and how to train smartly with an injury. If she had said stop running, she would have lost me. Instead she worked with me and I was able to stay active throughout the process.”
– Elizabeth

“Lynne’s intimate understanding of the anatomy and physiology of muscles, bones, and tendons allows her to assess problems and fix them through massage. She has a particular interest in sports-related problems, and has worked on elite athletes…Olympians, Boston Marathoners and Dartmouth Varsity Athletes….all the way down to Weekend Warriors. Her knowledge of the body and how it reacts to movement and stress keeps her clients in peak condition and maximal comfort.” – Bill

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